Cody Blue Snider | writer/director

"Kyle Klaus has it. In fact he has "IT" in spades. Kyle has a rare naturalistic style of acting I rarely see, which is only complimented by his willingness to adhere to every bit of direction I give and his willingness to surrender and sacrifice himself for the greater good of the film. Working with Klaus was a gift and I find my self consciously writing roles for him in everything I do."

Chad Schultz | writer/director

"Kyle is an artist.  A true collaborator.  He sees more than what's on the page and challenges the material to make it better.  His dedication to the role and what he gives you on the day, with little to no rehearsal, is astonishing and a real treat to watch from behind the camera."

Billy Sample | writer/producer

"I found that one of the joys of being a screenwriter/producer is not only working with people who have had roles in major movies but to also work with up and coming actors, who you know are having or will have shortly, a major impact as thespians on stage and/or screen.  Kyle Klaus is one of those. You can see the dedication to his craft in just a couple of lines.  I hope I get to work with him again before he rockets-up permanently.  I'd better hurry and get a project to him."